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Low Impact Excavators

Environmentally Conscious & Low Impact

Low Impact Excavators - Ely, Minnesota

"Untouched & Serene"...... These words are often used to describe Northern Minnesota. It's what draws folks "Up North" and the crew of Low Impact Excavators is serious about keeping it that way. With over 31 years experience with heavy equipment, John Wavrin knows the damage excavating does to the land. He also knows it's necessary when building a road, installing a septic system or even building a house. That's why at Low Impact Excavators, John and his crew, leave "small footprints" removing only what is necessary-leaving the job site naturally landscaped, as close to original as possible.


  • "Thanks for your expert service and add me to your growing list of satisfied customers. We're still waiting for a hard runoff of rain or melt water, but are confident your work will go a long way to help alleviate your basement water problems. Apparently the track clipped the tile pipe on top of the sewer tank on the way out. I can cut a foot of it off but may call to borrow your masonry saw one day."

    ~Chip Elkins

  • "Just had to write to tell you how impressed I was by the skill and professionalism of you and your staff yesterday. In about two hours time you had analyzed the current problem with my septic system, assembled your crews and corrected the backup problem which had existed for far too long. I was impressed by the spirit of cooperation and respect for each crew member's input to correct the situation. Each man worked skillfully and quickly to resolve the situation. Thad wrapped up the job and confidentially explained the workmanship to me as well as touching on the future of the septic needs. When the work was finished, the yard was left in well-graded condition. Thank you to you, Thad and your staff for a job well done! I only wish I had put in a call to you sooner!"

    ~Anne Swenson

  • "I want to thank you and the rest of the crew for the great job putting our system in place. The work you did to not only get the system installed in difficult terrain, but in the end enhancing the whole property with your landscaping was "amazing". I received very positive comments from my neighbor. They were very impressed at the final product and look of the property. Needless to say, if you ever need a "happy" customer reference, It would be my pleasure to provide one! Have a great fall season and restful winter in the sun!"

    ~ Jeff Traynor

  • "Thank you for the beautiful flowers you donated for our opening day. Your bouquet provided a welcoming entry way to all who attended. I don't know if you had chance to see how wonderful everything looked on opening day. It was a lot of hard work and your part to coordinate all the ideas into the great facility it has become. Thank you for your important part in creating the Bear Center."

    ~ Lynn Rogers and Bear Center Crew